Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Round Up...

I've already annoyed my wife and dog by spending much of my morning in front of this lifeless vacuum of a computer. It's probably best if I just plow through these stories as quickly as possible...

Grocery store elitists. Like the unnamed writer of this article, I used to be one. Then I started shopping at a Food Lion. I actually wrote a long, snarky post about this story but decided against posting it (it's just a grocery store, after all). Let's just say those of us in low-rent Oakland Mills like our low-rent Food Lion just fine, thank you very much.

More on those campaign finance reports, with a focus on Harry Dunbar and District 13. Talking about money never gets old.

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Dave Wissing said...

I normally shop at the Food Lion in OM, mostly because it is the closest to my house and you always know you will never have to wait in any line when you go to check out. However, lately, I have noticed they seem to run out of certain items on a more regular basis than should be expected for a grocery store of Food Lion's caliber. The last four or five times I have gone to the OM Food Lion, there has been at least one item I specifically went their to purchase that they were out of it at that moment.

Hayduke said...

I know what you mean. I've yet to find my coveted Morning Star Farms veggie hot dogs at Food Lion, alas. However, I don't think I've ever gone to a grocery store that has absolutely everything I want (I'm a pretty finicky eater).

Also, before I moved to Oakland Mills I had to get something very specific to prep for a medical procedure and Food Lion was the only store in east Columbia that had it. Moreover, it's the only non-specialty grocer in Columbia that sells Reeds, the greatest ginger beer known to man. So, selection cuts both ways, I guess.

Still, the lack of lines at Food Lion and the fact that I can ride my bike there (yes, I have a little E.T. basket that I hook onto the got something to say about that?) more than make up for not having my veggie dogs...

mary smith said...

Now, how can I leave that alone? OMGoodness... The mental picture is too funny.

There once was a young man from O'Mills,

On his bike, he had a few spills,

The basket held Reeds, as he let out a sneeze,

Food lion sent him a cryin'
Ain't got no supply'n
Dr. got him preparin'
Wife is a darin'
Dog wants his attention
Gets only dissention,

Last seen heading for the hills.

It's Sunday! Seriousness is not due until 8am Monday morning.

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