Thursday, May 17, 2007

And it always goes on and on and on and on and on...and on and on it goes...

Yeah, so I started the day in a pretty grumpy mood. Which is strange because it wasn't humid.

Perhaps I should have stayed away from the sports section of the paper. Though the Orioles' annual tank job is already well underway, what really upset me was the Spurs-Suns playoff game last night. As much as I try to resist non-Wizards NBA basketball, each year after March Madness, it pulls me back, even though I know it'll annoy me for myriad reasons (bad officiating, extremely late game times [10:30 pm!], flopping.)

I'd managed to keep my cool this playoff season, probably because the Wizards were out before things even started. Alas, when one of the league's most loathsome players on one of the most boring teams committed a loathsome act resulting in one of the most loathsome punishment decisions, my outrage returned. Seeing the Suns lose last night (or, rather, seeing them keep a lead through the half and reading about them lose this morning) brought back painful memories all the sports injustices I've ever felt, starting with Jeffrey Maier.

Anyway, as the day went on my mood changed and the blogging below reflects the happy me more so than the grumpy me. Normally, I would have condensed all the pithy posts into a Round Up, but since I'm wildly swinging for 756, I need the stats.

All of this is a long way of saying, keep my chipper mood in mind while you read. It's a beautiful, lighthearted May day, after all.

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