Thursday, May 17, 2007

Better leave her behind with the kids...

Here's a great story about the Columbia Foundation's Next Generation Initiative kick-off event, which took place on Monday at Trapeze in Maple Lawn.

Naturally, Ken Ulman and his minions hog the coverage and there's no mention of the critical role yours truly played in the evening (namely, that guy -- there's always one).

If I can be serious for a minute (I don't know, can you?), the event was a great success and I have very high hopes for the initiative, which aims to promote philanthropy, volunteerism and a stronger sense of community among Howard County's 25 - 49 year-olds.

Much thanks to Candace Dodson Reed and Priscilla Reaver at the Foundation for their work in making this happen, as well as my fellow committee members, all of whom make attending the meetings enjoyable (I know, "enjoyable meetings" is somewhat oxymoronic, but it's true!).

Stay tuned for more information about the initiative and what you can do to get involved.


Candace Dodson Reed said...

Thanks to you for your hard work and support!
I think that this is a really important initiative for our county (and our region/state/nation but I'll take baby steps) and I hope to see even more people involved.
Stay tuned folks...

Anonymous said...

Minions? Screw you skinny boy.

Seriously, I have had more than enough out of you!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:12 sounds like one of the minions. Chill out dude!

Love him or hate him, Ulman is a publicity hound who seeks out the press at events and never fails to remind us that he was the youngest CE in HoCo history. OK, we get it already!