Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can anybody find me somebody to... and build a deck?

It's actually going to be a bit more than just a deck. We've got a tricky space (a large tree, carport, entryway and privacy wall) and too many varied ideas, which make the design aspect so important.

Obviously, it would be nice to hire someone who does really good work at a really good rate, but if I had to choose between cheap and good, I'll take good. Someone who will let us do some of the work ourselves (with a commensurate discount) would be nice, too.

Any suggestions?

Recommendations earn a cold beer and a veggie burger (or something comparable) at the first party.


jim adams said...

Hayduke, look into Home Depot or 84 Lumber. If you want to do work yourself, they will design, give you specifications, measured materials, tell you what tools, nails, etc, that you need.

Building a deck is something I have done, and it is a lot of fun, especially if you have a couple of friends and a couple of nice weather weekends. Afterwards you can take pride and tell your deck story for years. Go for it.

wordbones said...


We have just completed our own extreme backyard makeover. Our contractor was Outdoor Carpentry & Design (301) 617-0808. They are located in Laurel.

These guys are a bit pricey but their workmanship is exceptional.

If you'd like, I'll drop you an email with some pictures of our project.


hayduke said...


That would be great. Thanks!


I didn't think about Home Depot. Since I'll be there this (every) weekend anyway...

Robin Abello said...

Hayduke, if you want really good craftsmen, call Daniel Miller (410-442-1385 These guys just did our deck and screened porch and everyone who has seen our new addition remarked at the quality of the craftsmanship. Good luck!