Thursday, May 17, 2007

My life is not a non-stop shopping spree...

We haven't really talked about the budget on this blog, but here's your chance.

As is often the case in the weeks leading up to approval, various officials are debating various cuts. A primary target seems to be the planned county office complex. Because I'm contractually obligated to say only nice things about the current administration, I agree with the position that funding for the project should remain.

But, then, I've spent enough time in the building to know it's a dump.


Anonymous said...

Why replace the existing one with the Taj MaHo? The current building isn't a dump at all. Far from it.

wordbones said...

The current facility is a dump. It was a poor design to begin with and if that weren't bad enough it was also poorly executed.

Anyone who has either worked there or frequented the place knows this well.

It is also too small.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the assessment of the county building. It's outdated in form and function.

pzguru said...

The current facility IS the most unhealthy building i've ever been in. There is no fresh air, it smells like an old locker room in summer heat, and those are the good qualities of it. Metal partition walls everywhere (you have to hang everything with magnets - an inconvenience if there ever was one.

That being said, I'm not necessarily all in favor of the new campus. Here's a few alternatives:
1. Renovate the old Dorsey Building on Bendix Road and consolidate ALL of the Departments into one location.
2. Renovate and expand the existing complex buildings; if not completely cost prohibitve to do so.
3. Scale back the grandiose extras in the proposed new campus design. It can look nice and fucntion properly wihtout being overdone.

jim adams said...

If the first 2 suggestions from pzgure are less expensive, I would agree. If no #3 is the way to go. Lets keep our taxes down.

Uh Oh for Merdon! said...

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