Thursday, May 24, 2007

I walk alone...

The county budget was approved yesterday. Yippee!

My only question (and this isn't meant as a slam): Why did Greg Fox vote against it?

His vote isn't explained in the story and he seemed to be working in good faith on compromises. I thought the final budget votes were more perfunctory than anything else.

Was it a way to avoid being labeled as having voted for higher taxes?

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Anonymous said...

The bigger question is, why would Mary Kay Sigaty and Calvin Ball side with Fox to provide a reduction in the fire tax in the west (by using our emergency fund) vs. voting for Watson's proposal to decrease the tax for people in their own district? And on top of it all, they did not even require Fox to vote FOR Ulman's budget? Fox is smart and he played these two Columbia representatives big time. He voted against the budget because he didn't have to vote for it.