Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back in the saddle...

And with that, the bird flu has migrated elsewhere, preying now on the feeble immune system of whichever unsuspecting person followed me into the office today.

Of course, having news stories worthy of extended comments on the day of my return to total consciousness would be too much to ask. So, in keeping with the theme of the title, we're going with a Round Up.

As a recently-announced candidate for the District 4 council seat, Joshua Feldmark's resignation from the chairmanship of the CA board was the right thing for him to do. What was unfortunate about the situation was the fact that the three board members who expressed concern about potential conflicts of interest did so to the press and not directly to Feldmark. Both classy and mature.

Even after reading this story a few times, I'm not sure what is motivating Chris Merdon and his Council Majority. Is it just to score some political points, or do they honestly think a reduced assessment cap is a better policy proposal than a straight-up property tax rate cut? I'm not sure of the exact merits of each proposal, so this question is being asked honestly. However, this sentence makes me lean towards the political points motivation: "Rakes described the bill more as a bargaining tool in discussion with Robey."

We've found someone willing to fill the vacancy on the Planning Board. Best of luck, Gary Rosenbaum.

The county yesterday sold over $94 million in bonds. Nothing really to add to that.

Wow. Maybe we should, um, have more summer camp spots available. Just a thought.


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