Monday, February 13, 2006

Another "rogue" candidate...

So much for the Howard County Republicans having their house in order. (Background: A couple of weeks ago the Flier wrote two stories, one for each party. Basically, the Democrats appeared to be in disarray, while the GOP seemed to have everything in order, at least in terms of who was running for what.)

Well, on the heels of police chief Wayne Livesay's announcement to run for the District 5 council seat as a Republican comes a new Republican challenger in District 9A, Melissa Ridgely Covolesky. Covolesky will run against incumbent delegates Warren Miller and Gail Bates (there are two seats in this district). That makes two races where Republicans are strongly favored that will now include primaries. Not really the cohesiveness one would expect from a well-oiled (political) machine.

David Wissing's keeping quiet on this development, while Howard County Blog #1 offers an analysis of her website. After touring the site, my favorite things about the new candidate are her birthday (one day away from mine!) and choice in dogs (at least the first one). The substantive portions of the website are blank, giving me free reign to comment on the more personal aspects of the candidate.

None of this is to say the Democrats have put their ducks in a row. Rather, it is meant to be cautionary message to all political pundits out there: Though it's never to early start speculating, don't expect to be right 10 months before an election.

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