Thursday, February 02, 2006

Off the top of my head...

Sometimes I just feel like throwing out a few random thoughts to see if they get any reactions. Mostly, however, these are things that have bothered me as of late and I think it will be therapeutic to let them out.

Today was Groundhog Day, and as you probably heard, the Official Rodent predicted "Six more weeks of mild winter weather." Huh? The way I always thought he had only two choices -- spring or more winter. There's no hedging in folklore. More importantly, why did we even bother watching woodchucks today? These guys, like the rest of us, have been lapping up some of the warmest winter weather ever; they've been seeing their shadows for weeks and loving it! Meanwhile, I'm still hating it, and Phil's prediction did nothing to lift my spirits.

Watching the Terps game, it occurred to me: Is there a more pretentious uniform accoutrement than the University of North Carolina's argyle side panels? Yes, I'm upset.

I'm a Ravens fan. I know this means I'm supposed to hate the Steelers. But, come Sunday, I'll put differences aside and root for the Iron City 11. They're a team of destiny and history. Pittsburgh's a decent city. And though the story of Jerome Bettis returning home for his final game has been run into the ground, it's still a good one.

That said, I wish nothing but missed tackles, poor playing, and a game-ending injury for Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, whose continued response to some harmless statements by Seattle's tight end show just how mentally unfit he is for football. Of course, I lost all respect for Porter in 2004 when he took a cheap shot on an obviously-injured Todd Heap. But his outbursts this week -- neither funny, good-natured, original nor "quotable" (all prerequisites for trash talking) -- are just painful to hear. I can't understand why is team is still supporting him with the "Oh, that's just Joey" line. At what point do they finally realize he's a total buffoon? Everybody else has.

Finally, in response to my earlier post today, a reader reminded me of another politician certainly more worthy than Robey of the Flier's scorn for using government communications for political gain. So to the editors I ask, what about Bob?

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