Saturday, February 04, 2006

One of these days...

Hayduke's blog is going to move to it's own server. Using the Blogger system is easy and free, but things like this (frequent and, like today, long outages)--as well as the fact that it lacks many features the "commercial" programs offer--push me to want to make the switch.

For those of you who have better things to do on a Saturday than read a silly blog, the site was inaccessible for many hours, and they still haven't totally fixed the problem.


Anonymous said...

MacHater to the Rescue?

With FIOS coming to HoCo I may soon have bandwidth and space on what will be my kick ass Music FTP server to host your endless stream of thoughts on everything important in and around town. Now if only Verizon would hurry up (and fix the piles of dirt in front of my house)I could dump Comcast.

Anonymous said...

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