Thursday, February 16, 2006

Recovering from The Storm of the Century...

Or at least The Storm of 2006.

Anyway, the Flier has a story today just chock full of stuff we already know. To wit: we got a lot of snow on Sunday, which was fortunate because people don't usually work on Sundays; the county plow team did a great job clearing the roads before Monday, which was fortunate because people usually work on Mondays; kids got a snow day even though they didn't really need it; and trees came down and people lost power, but everything is back to normal.

As an added bonus, the story also includes something we didn't know. To wit:

The last time the Weather Service recorded a comparable snowfall in Howard County was in January, 1996, when Clarksville recorded 23 inches, (National Weather Service Spokesman John) Darnley said.

Although I wasn't actually in the state when it happened, I seem to recall a rather large storm occurring almost exactly three years ago. You see, it's not hard for me to remember because I was stranded in a place I didn't want to be for three extra days and came home to my car buried under more than two feet of snow. But somehow the NWS doesn't see this as "comparable" to our last storm -- another reason to privatize the agency.

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Anonymous said...

"Stranded in a place i didn't want to be..." Town Hall didn't do it for ya, huh?