Sunday, February 26, 2006

More bias in the media

The Sun is blatantly in favor of Republicans. The newspaper's reporters (probably under orders from the Editorial Board) either ignore Democrats or intentionally point out their futility in the face of Republican awesomeness. For example, there's this political story from today focused exclusively on three local Republicans vying for various seats:

Like many first-time candidates, Republican Loretta Gaffney is trying to raise money for what will be a tough, uphill campaign, in her case, for the House of Delegates in Democrat-dominated District 13.
See? Gaffney's the scrappy underdog trying to take down the southern Howard County Democratic Machine. But that's just first sentence. It gets worse!
Also a Republican first-time candidate (for the District 3 Council seat), longtime community activist (Donna) Thewes had this message for her supporters, which included two county fire union leaders: "It's not about party. It's not about me. It's about the community."
Cherry picking only the best quotes to make it sound like Democrats are all about their party and themselves. No surprises there.
Meanwhile, (State senator Sandra B.) Schrader is holding her annual legislative reception for constituents, labeled "An Evening in Annapolis," on March 6, just before the weekly Monday night legislative session.

...Robey reported having $6,169 on hand in his campaign fund when the last reporting period ended Jan. 11, compared with Schrader's $150,000. He said he hopes to raise nearly $300,000 for the race, while Schrader said she would like to collect another $100,000.

Now they have to point out how far behind Robey is in the fundraising race, implying that with his paltry $6,000 war chest he's got no chance at winning whatsoever. (Yes, the implication is there -- you just have to put on your partisan glasses to see it.)


hocoblog said...

Is that tongue in cheek. Sounds like it. I hope it is...

Dave Wissing said...

hocoblog, I was wondering myself if hayduke was being sarcastic when I read this earlier today.

hayduke, I can't believe you really think The Baltimore Sun is biased in favor of Republicans. Please tell us you are kidding....

Hayduke said...

Of course I'm kidding.

Complaining about media bias is a pet peeve of mine, regardless of whether it's coming from liberals or conservatives. Sure, members of the media are not -- indeed, cannot -- be entirely objective all the time, but I think on the whole it balances out.

We do, after all, have an increasingly diverse media...and people are going to read (and believe) what they want anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think that a County Exc. who is still in the process of comtroling a budget should not be allowed to run for State Sen.I think that the same concerns that many have about our Police Chief running for office should comment about our exc. I do think that Robey should move into the district before having a fundraiser.