Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lots and lots of politics

I don’t really have time to address them today, but there are a couple of good political stories in the Flier today. The first one focuses on the local Democrats and their possible “infighting.” Wait, I’m not supposed to call it “infighting.” How about strong disagreements within the local party over who should run and who should be elected to various offices? It is not, however, infighting. Just making sure we’re clear on that.

The second Flier story focuses on the Republicans and their organized campaign to win the majority of the council seats and the county executive race. Among registered voters, the GOP trails the Democrats, but independents in this county (come on, make up your mind!) usually vote Republican.

Both stories are long but well worth a read, and since I should be able to write something about them this weekend, please prepare yourself.

Finally, the original Howard County Blog (which already beat me to the punch on the above Flier articles and has really cranked up the writing) has a lengthy post on the District 4 council race and it’s potential impact on the county executive race. Go check it out.

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