Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lost to Hedgehog again..

Following up his posts about the smoking ban/Verizon cable agreement and a Republican candidate for the District 2 council race, David Wissing scoops me again with this post about Ken Ulman's upcoming "official" announcement of his candidacy for county executive. I can understand David beating me to the punch on the Patrick Black candidacy--it was announced at a Howard County Republican Happy Hour that David attended--but I really should have been on top of the Ulman news since it came from the candidate's own website and not some insider. And I'm the one who is supposed the be the full-time HoCo blogger. My bad.

However, hoping to save face, I've got some news of a not-so-well-kept secret; namely, Joshua Feldmark, current Columbia Association representative for Wilde Lake, will announce his candidacy for Ken Ulman's council seat in a couple of weeks. I've got no links for this. You've just got to trust me.

With Feldmark's announcement, almost all candidates for local offices have made official their intentions. Here's a run down of who's running with links to websites where appropriate.

County Executive
Chris Merdon: Republican
Ken Ulman: Democrat
Harry Dunbar: Democrat

District 1
Tony Salazar: Republican
Courtney Watson: Democrat

District 2
Calvin Ball: Democrat
Patrick Black: Republican
David Rakes: Does it matter?

District 3
Jennifer Terrasa: Democrat
Donna Thewes: Republican

District 4
Tom D'Asto: Republican
Mary Kay Sigaty: Democrat
Joshua Feldmark: Democrat

District 5
Greg Fox: Republican
Donald Dunn: Democrat

As you can see, the Republicans are clearly ahead in the cyber-race, while Democrats face primary elections in at least two districts. I'm sure a few more candidates will come out of the woodwork, but this should give you a pretty good idea of where we are in this young election year.

I'm trying to conjure up something else to say, but I'm at a loss. It's probably best that I don't say anything, considering my proclivity for stupid predictions.

UPDATE: Added a website link for Courtney Watson.


Lazman said...

Sorry, guys, but Hedgehog had no scoop on the Ulman announcement. The Feb. 4 date was mentioned in the Business Monthly A1 piece to which Hayduke had a link several days ago. And Feldmark is on Jan. 24. So there.

Hayduke said...

Argh. I'm not even right when I concede defeat. And I read the Biz Monthly story. I'm really falling apart at the seams here.

Anonymous said...

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