Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hold on tight, everyone…

…We’ve got a lot to get through today.

I’m preemptively making up for lost time today, as this might be the last time I can get on the internet until Tuesday. The Hayduke household--sans dog--is going with a group of buddies to wild, wonderful Western Maryland for a little skiing, football watching, and other winter-related activities. We picked a great time to go, didn’t we? I think there’s still snow out there. Maybe. Please.

Anyway, not wanting to leave my regular readers--at least the half of them that aren’t coming on the trip with me--without any new Hayduke for four (four!) days, I’m working on a few measures to keep the blog updated. Although I can’t promise anything now, check back during the weekend for a few surprises; don't expect anything very relevant to the purported focus of this blog, though.

And with that out of the way, scroll down for the “real” posts. Oh, and have a great (and hopefully cold) weekend!

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