Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My apologies...

…to Courtney Watson, for not including a link to her website in this post. My Google skills are evidently lacking.

Also, I must apologize to the Business Monthly for an error in the same post. I said David Wissing at the Hedgehog Report broke the story about Ken Ulman's campaign announcement, when in fact the Monthly had already reported it--in a story I read and linked to, no less. Oh, the shame.

The omissions were noted by an e-mailer and a commentor (Commenter? Commentator? Comment-provider?), demonstrating once again the open-source, interactive beauty of blogs.

Everyone is fallible—ahem, some more so than others—and without an editor to read my posts, I rely on readers to correct my frequent blunders either in the comments section or via email.

So, keep the corrections coming! I love nothing more than being proven wrong.

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