Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Digital HoCo

Hayduke welcomes another Howard County blogger to the 'sphere. Unfortunately, the new blog is named "Howard County Blog," which is the same name as another blog that had been inactive for several months but has recently been updated with posts about the executive race, the smoking bill, and the Football Team Worthiest of Irrational Loathing.

There has been a link to the first Howard County Blog since the dawn of time (for this site, anyway); so the new one is going to have to go by HoCo Blog in my Links section on the right (the two of them are more than welcome to battle each other for naming rights, and I'll gladly rename my links accordingly).

HoCo Blog seems to be focused on the charrette, although his tag line ("A Blog on what is going on in Howard County") promises a broader range of topics. In only a week, he's already posted several pictures--an impressive rookie-blogging accomplishment if ever there was one. Go check him out.

Despite my ultra-competitive nature, I don't view these blogs as competition. To the contrary, they'll help inform my writing and I hope to help inform theirs. The goals of this whole blogging thing are, or at least should be, to make information more available and to foster discussion. So, I say, the more the merrier.

On a related front, a group of entrepreneurial teenagers appear to be starting an on-line magazine. See, not all teenagers are spending their free time doing whatever it is we're scared of them doing nowadays.


dunbar06 said...

Hedgehog is pretty good and I enjoy his personal asides about Howard County politics, but he spends more time on national issues than Howard County.

I think your site is the most comprehensive look at all aspects of Howard County and you are an excellent writer.

But like you said, having multiple sources to read about Howard County is great, especially from different points of view. It used to be The Howard County Times and whatever tiny articles the Sun would publish about Howard County would be the only news we would get.

Keep up the great work!

Hayduke said...

Thanks, dunbar06. It's always good to hear from readers, and good luck with the campaign (I'm assuming you're affiliated in some way with Harry Dunbar).