Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Round Up (Playoff Edition)

I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff done during the early part of today so that I can watch the final two non-Super Bowl football games of the season without interruption. Because I turned the television on after waking I up this morning, however, I have already lost valuable time. I know, excuses, excuses.

It's my blog and I'll Round Up if I want to.

Speaking of rounding up...I had a discussion with a couple of friends on Friday night. I've noticed that more and more, cashiers are giving me only silver change, rounding up to the closest five cent interval and leaving pennies out of the transaction entirely. To some extent, this has been happening for years. However, instead of being the exception, this change-giving practice now appears to be the rule, or at least more likely to occur than the alternative. Granted, I've collected only anecdotal evidence to this point, but it does conform with a long held belief of mine--namely, that pennies will soon be entirely worthless and phased out (I arrived at this belief was developed during the Great Penny Shortage of 1995).

But, hey, that's just my five cents.

On, then, to the Round Up.

Is this an act of desperation or are they finally seeing the light? Opponents of the Turf Valley expansion have decided to change their approach to the case, opting to be "friendlier" and "more professional." Unfortunately, it may be too late for the new, less-confrontational approach to have any impact.

Nothing brings out letter writers (and their ideology) like a question about tax cuts. See here for various takes on Robey's proposal, and here's my admittedly vague stance.

Let's see how many people write to the Sun this week, after the editors posed this question: "Police have charged Brandy M. Britton, 41, of working as a prostitute out of her home on Shirley Meadow Court in Ellicott City. Does this concern you, or should it not be taken that seriously?" Send your responses here.

Rock, rock, rock and roll high school. River Hill's annual RHHStival is growing in popularity. Alas, the requirement that participating bands have at least one member in a Howard County high school precludes Hayduke's musical troop from auditioning. Alas, indeed.



Anonymous said...

Brandy Britton will be in Howard County District Court 5/25 at 1:15. Will she get off with a fine or some jail time?

Anonymous said...

Brandy britton, alias Alexis Angel, is now in business again as "Cultured Companion". (See says she is working in the DC/Silver Spring area, a short hop down Rt 29 from her Ellicot city home. I wonder how this is going to go over at her upcoming trial?

Hayduke said...

I checked out the site (which is probably not safe to look at while at work) -- really no question as to what's being offered. Are you sure it's her? How did you find out? Send me an email if you'd like.

Certainly, this can't be good for her defense.

Anonymous said...

This site contains almost the exact wording of her Alexis Angel (now de-funct) site. Oh yes it's her...hmmm now I reckon I need to find me the number of the Howard County police..
She is a manipulative user just like the last husband she had the misfortune of meeting.