Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thank you, sir, may I have another…

Get out your whips; it’s time to Round Up some news…

Always a day late, here is the Flier's coverage of the county executive candidate's forum that I linked to the other day. Politicians being politicians. Talking without saying anything and such.

Doug Miller, a columnist for the Flier, takes on affordable housing. He covers the issues well, I think, but the analysis and solutions are thin and almost non-existent. I like the idea of the column--a mix of analysis and better than average commentary--but I don’t think the concept is used as effectively as it could be; I also disagree with some of what Miller says, but I'm low on time and this is only a Round Up. The Flier could be a lot better at promoting discourse, addressing problems, critiquing views, and even offering solutions. But then they'd be doing my job.

Finally, a lot of crime over the past week in Howard County. My hope is that it is all coincidental and not the beginning of a trend. However, if it is the beginning of a trend, my hope would be that we investigate honestly and openly what and not just who is the cause, instead of relying on prejudices and misconceptions to provide us with easy, comforting answers.

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