Thursday, May 04, 2006

Biz Monthly...

I've said before how much I like the Business Monthly -- despite the lack of coverage I devote to their stories. Although I'm low on time now, there are two pieces in this month's edition that are well worth a read. As always, their coverage is significantly more in depth than the dailies and weeklies.

The first is a story about Merriweather and the HFStival. Needless to say, you'll learn more about the concert and pavilion in this story than you will from all the others that have thus far been written. Quote worthy of highlighting:

While Howard County has been recognized as a great place for young adults to live, "they sometimes think that there isn't a whole lot to do here," [Rachelina Bonacci, executive director of Howard County Tourism] said. "But with Merriweather in their backyard and now the HFStival, what else can they ask for?"

Oh, this is good, too:
But Doug Godine, the new general manager of Columbia for the Chicago-based corporation, waxed enthusiastic about the pavilion's future. "Merriweather will stay, most definitely," he said.
Another noteworthy item from the story is that tonight's Fall Out Boy concert is Merriweather's first sell out of the year. As I was leaving Town Center around 4:30, there was already a long line of concertgoers waiting outside the gate, which is good to see. Also good to see was a portable road sign this morning on Broken Land Parkway that mentioned tonight's concert and warned of possible delays. Can't say they didn't warn you.

Speaking of Doug Godine, the Monthly has a nice, long piece on the new head of Columbia operations for General Growth. From the story, he seems like a really good guy who understands Columbia and it's importance to residents.

Comments on this week's Flier tomorrow -- or maybe later.

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