Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Round Up...

I'm completely at a loss for how to start this, other than by saying Happy Mother's Day to mine and all the other mothers out there. And with that, onto the Round Up...

Here's your chance (if you're invited, that is) to learn everything you ever wanted to know -- but didn't learn during one of the plethora of investigative reports or made-for-TV movies -- about the bird flu. Kidding aside, it's always good to Be Prepared.

Politics, Shmolitics: Potential chairmanship coup thwarted, discord remains; banking on commercial success/efficacy; Bobby Gov scared of irrelevance.

Here's a great question posed by The Sun in their weekly Speak Out feature:

Merriweather Post Pavilion will host Wine in the Woods on May 20-21, then the HFStival on May 27-28. Talk about diversity. Isn't this what Columbia is all about?
Does the question sound a little biased against those who have been complaining recently about the HFStival and Merriweather's supposed "youth/pop focus?" Perhaps. But I'm fine with that, naturally, and think this question is a great way of making those who view the pavilion as serving solely non-Howard Countians clarify their positions. You can send responses, which must be in by Thursday, here. Go ahead, inundate the Sun's inbox.


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