Friday, May 12, 2006

Cyclist killed, police looking for information...

I know it is a shot in the dark, but as an avid cyclist, I feel a personal obligation to do whatever I can to spread the word about this story.

On many weeknights, David Allen Overmiller would ride his bicycle five miles to his son's Elkridge house to spend the night and shower before his boss picked him up for work the next morning. The 58-year-old plumber's mobile home off U.S. 1, which he shared with two friends, had no electricity.

As Overmiller pedaled to his son's home about 9:40 p.m. May 4, a car struck and killed him on U.S. 1 near Troy Hill Drive.

Howard County police are seeking the public's help in identifying and finding the car's driver, who did not stop.
I know the reach of this blog is significantly smaller than that of The Sun, but it certainly can’t hurt to post this, even if it is seen by only one additional person. Police are offering a $2,000 reward to anyone providing information that leads to an arrest. Contact the department here.

I don’t like using such situations to moralize about things, but I'll just say that David Allen Overmiller’s death should serve as a reminder to us all to keep an eye out for cyclists.


Anonymous said...

If any one has any information please help.

Johnner said...

thank you for posting this on your blogs, as the anniverary of this date comes up, I'd like to thank you for putting this on your page for my dear friend Dave.