Friday, May 26, 2006

Historic re-use...

I’m linking to this story for two reasons. First, I applaud the efforts of Peter Ruff, an Ellicott City resident who wants to convert a county-owned historic building into a restaurant. Profiting from historic preservation is probably the best way to ensure our history is preserved – assuming the profit is generated in appropriate ways (for instance, converting this building into a dance club would probably not meet my standards).

The second reason is the interesting background it provides on another building where this approach was used: The Elkridge Furnace Inn, which, in addition to being a beautiful, well-preserved old building, is the site where I committed myself to eternal servitude…er, got married.


Anonymous said...

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Tazewell24 said...

Pete Ruff has done alot of good things for the Ellicott City area which has had a positive impact on the community. He also has a good heart!