Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Round Up: Loose Ends...

Another reason why I dislike Our Nation’s Capital: During the final game of the first “Battle of the Beltway,” a couple young Orioles fans ascended to the top rows of the outfield upper deck at RFK and unfurled a large sign reading “DC is still Oriole Country.” As far as stadium signs go, it was pretty inoffensive; indeed, it was considerably less crass than the signs I helped Abbzug and her friend make for the Cowboys – Redskins game last December. Far from any other attendees, they stood solemnly with their sign as their team struggled to score against the (g)Nats. Their silent free speech demonstration, however, was cut short by an unruly group of rival fans, which was not surprising, given our location.

At first, the (g)Nats fans merely filibustered the sign, standing shoulder to shoulder in front of it so as to block its offensive message from our eyes (and delicate sensibilities). Eventually, as with most endeavors undertaken by Washingtonians, violence against fabric erupted and private property was destroyed. When a couple yellow-jacketed security personnel arrived at the scene, the banner was in tatters and the perpetrators scattered, walking unmolested by the Officers of the Peace, who were busy lumbering up the stairs to retrieve the tattered remnants of the sign from its owners.

Granted, no punches were thrown and on the whole the fracas was more peaceful than others I’ve witnessed at DC-area sporting events, but the lack of justice was all to familiar to jaded, Outside-the-Beltway types such as myself. But it was symbolic of all the reasons why, despite its plethora of jobs in my field, I’ll never work or live in Washington, the land that law, morality, and civility forgot.

Am I being a little harsh? Yes, but I’m still bitter about yesterday’s loss. I’m also still annoyed by the non-jerky fans of the home team who, apparently, can’t understand why you would walk a hot-hitter with first base open (hint: force play

There, I feel better.

Here are some Monday Loose Ends…

Unlike HoCoBlog, who has a really fancy new site, I’m not really concerned about the teacher’s union failing to endorse a Republican aside from soon-to-retire police chief Wayne Livesay. Really, what I’m interested in is the fact that Democrat Joshua Feldmark got the nod over party-mate Mary Kay Sigaty, a school board member, for the District 4 council race.

Sigaty called the endorsement decision "extraordinarily odd."

"I'm still quite mystified because (the endorsement) really doesn't take into account what would be good for the county," Sigaty said of the union's decision to pass over her in their endorsements. "All I can say is I think I've been a friend to teachers."

Sigaty, who was endorsed by the union in her 2004 bid for the school board, said she "honestly can't say" whether the union's action would strain her future relations with union members.

If elected to the council, Sigaty would step down from the school board and the county executive would appoint her replacement. If she is not elected to the council, she would remain on the school board. Her term expires in 2008.
I can see how she would be upset about this, but the implication of her non-denial -- a strained relationship with union members -- is a little unsettling considering that she’ll be on the school board for another couple of years should she lose the election. I would hope that both sides recognize the need to separate politics from school issues and policy.
De Lacy said the union chose to back Feldmark because he is "more closely aligned" with the union's vision. "He had a real grasp of what our needs are. He just knew our concerns and was ready to address them," she said.

Feldmark, whose mother and sister are Howard County teachers, said he tried to relay "unconditional support" for educators during an interview with the union.

"I can't speak to why they would choose me over Mary Kay," Feldmark said. "I very much pride myself on supporting teachers."

Certainly, by snagging the endorsement, Feldmark has won an early round in what is sure to be the most interesting Democratic primary battle.

(Bias Disclosure: Feldmark was one of the first politicians to contact me and is still the only one to correctly guess the source of my pseudonym.)

The House With The Lights On. So named is the Washington Post’s lengthy story on Howard County’s high profile, awaiting-trial “escort,” Brandy Britton, PhD. What can I say? It’s an interesting piece. Embedded in the archives of this blog is another bizarre element of this story that I don’t want to link to but that curious readers can find if they’re so inclined. Or, you can just check out this local guy’s blog for more.

Finally, a bleg (From Wikipedia: A blog entry consisting of a request to the readers, such as for information or contributions. A portmanteau of "blog" and "beg". Also called "Lazyweb.").

I’m trying to rid my yard of poison ivy and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Most of the plants are small, but they are interspersed with desirable ground cover and such. Although I’m a certified tree hugger, I’m not averse to using chemicals if needed. However, because one of the plants is growing next to my fish pond – home to Trey, Paige, Mike and Tubs, whose company the neighborhood kids and I thoroughly enjoy – herbicide will not be the silver bullet. In addition to suggestions, I’ll gladly accept any offers to come over and help with the removal, but I’m not holding my breath.


hocoblog said...

Hayduke, you are correct. The real story is about Sigaty and Feldmark.

Relative to the poison ivy. Unfortunately, I have too much experience with the stuff. I got it all the time our first 3 years in the house.

I resorted to Weed B Gone. If that isn't your style then wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, cover every piece of exposed skin, wear rubber gloves. Then get out there and start pulling the stuff out of the ground. Even then I still got a rash. Oh yeah, what ever you do don't touch your face (wipe sweat off your face or brow). The long clothes aren't so much for protecting yourself from brushing up against the poison ivy, it is to protect yourself from yourself after you touch the poison ivy.

If you go with the Weed b Gone follow the instructions above and then push the plants around the poison ivy to the side and spray the ivy. You are still going to kill some good plants, but not as many.

I am sure you know enough not to burn the stuff.

yellojkt said...

Thanks for the link. It's good to know about a local blog.

Anonymous said...

Try Napalm-b. It's the bomb!

just kidding ~MH

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