Monday, June 11, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Just a few random thoughts from the past weekend...

I went to comedy night at the Fire Rock Grill on Thursday, and while I know many of you probably think I'm just an OM-homer, it was hilarious. Both Abbzug and I went in with not-very-high expectations, especially for the local comics, but to our delight, our hesitation was unfounded. The local guys who opened the night delivered, particularly when they turned their focus to Columbia and our funny street names (there was one involving Gandalf and an unmentionable region of the body that actually made me cry). You should do yourself a favor and check it out some Thursday, but if you pay full price, prepare to be the butt of jokes. More info (hint, hint) here.

On Friday, my dad and I played a round of golf at Hobbit's Glen -- yes, the hottest day of the year so far. Which figures. Nothing much to report about that, except for my beautiful and first-ever birdie (after playing golf somewhat regularly for nearly 20 years). Yeah, I'm probably ready to go on tour.

Saturday = housework. Nothing like cleaning fish poop off your filter. Woo-hoo!

On Sunday, I finally made my first pilgrimage to the Boxes on the Hill (Gateway Overlook). See:

I was very under-whelmed with the new Best Buy. I thought it would be bigger or nicer or something-er. But it was just Best Buy...with a slightly different layout. Ho, hum.

I think this is the new Costco. Don't they know natural light is frowned upon in retail?

Yay, machines!

Yeah, soon-to-be Lowe's!

Here's hoping the center's designers learned from their utter failure (traffic-wise, at least) at Columbia Crossing.

Finally, I made it over to Lakefest for a bit Sunday afternoon. Here's the proof, minus the sarcasm.


Greg Pultorak said...

Hayduke, Two questions about development in our fair county.

1. Any idea what is being built on the other side of 175 from the new Gateway Overlook - It looks like the area is being cleared.

2. What is being built just east of the Green Building Institute on the north side of 175 at the intersection with Dorsey Run Rd. That area is being cleared as well.

hayduke said...

Greg, I'm not sure about either of those, but I would guess a new office building for the other side of 175. I'll look around and see if I can find something out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug for Taglines Comedy Club inside the Fire Rock Grill every thursday night at 8:30pm. Your link to our site is not working though. click on the "show coupon" link for half price admission.

Anonymous said...

While you're finding out the answers to Greg's questions, would you also please check on if the animals that lived in those forested areas were either:
- carefully documented prior to clearing and professionally relocated to preserved sufficient onsite habitat,
- ignored completely and driven out of their habitat by the "yay machines" to become refugees in our midst
- provided some other onsite of offsite fate?

It would be interesting to know what requirements there are when such development happens to ensure animals are treated humanely.

Anonymous said...

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