Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The kind of voices she would soon learn to deny...

Before this week, I never realized how much I don't like barking.

See, I have a Husky, who aside from being the Best Dog Ever, doesn't bark. Sure he howls, whines and occasionally yelps, but every sound he utters has a communicative purpose: either I'm hungry, I need to go outside, or I need you to stop watching your stupid baseball game and hold this stuffed fish while I rip it to shreds (his favorite game). Sometimes he says other things, too, although I've found people generally start questioning my grip on reality when I describe conversations I've had with my dog.

Shattering the bark-free environment in my home this week is a friend's Dalmatian, who's a lovely dog in almost every respect... except for the totally random barking. I can understand barking when the doorbell rings or when there's an animal traipsing through the yard, but most of the time she barks for no apparent reason other than to shatter my eardrums, destroying final remnants of hearing not lost to rock and/or roll.

So, that's my gripe. Here's some stuff you might want to gripe about.

Concern over the uncertain future of our village centers makes what's happening in Oakland Mills so important. Rather than waiting for someone else to take the lead or relying on past assumptions about what village centers are supposed to be, OMers are charting their own course and while the work may be slow, progress is being made. Yes, I'm a homer.

Speaking of Oakland Mills, tomorrow night between 5:30 and 7:30 pm (Wednesday) is the community gathering at Fire Rock. Come on out!

Anne Arundel County and the Maryland State Police have joined Howard County in suspending step out traffic enforcement following the death of police officer Scott Wheeler last week.

Finally, Howard Community College's Rouse Scholars program is celebrating its 15th birthday. I like to think the program survived in spite of having me as an alumnus. Would it surprise you if I said the only college degree hanging on my wall is an A.A. in Liberal Arts (typical) from HCC?

The Yankees are in town.


mamagoots said...

Didn't I pay for a frame for the UMBC one? I know your brother never got his from Towson (due to an unpaid traffic ticket or a library fine), but I could have sworn I had you covered. So if it's not hanging on your wall (along with the MS from UM) it's for sure not because you didn't earn it ...

MerriweatherRaven said...

Dumbest dog ever! Has she complemented the barking by tearing up your trash and peeing on your floor y et? No? Just wait for it. Too bad she can’t pee on the Yankees. God Lord I miss AC.

hayduke said...

MG: I'm just waiting to hang the more "prestigous" degrees until I have a real office (at work) to hang them in (I've found that hanging things on the side of the cubicle doesn't really work).

MR: You know, until this morning I would have defended her against your allegations, but we had a bit of a rough patch today.

I agree, it is too bad she can't use her bladder control issues for good (peeing on the Yankees) and not for bad (peeing on my floor).

hayduke said...

Uh, that would be "'prestigious'". Clearly, those degrees -- especially the one in the writing field -- have served me well.