Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where in the world is...

So, I had this totally awesome post that I was going to write last night. In it, I planned to offer an all-encompassing solution to the problems in Howard County – downtown Columbia, traffic, transit, the environment, affordable housing, too many chain restaurants, you name it. But, then, that wicked thunderstorm moved through and knocked out my internet.

Rather than work on the post offline, I decided to watch a river flow through my backyard. This proved to be a bad decision, as I completely forgot what I had planned to write. So I went for a walk while the storm was winding down and here’s what I saw:

If you read this at work and your employer blocks videos (like mine), here's a picture.

(Sorry for the blurriness, but you get the general idea.)


Anonymous said...

bad idea getting on the bridge - that is how people drown.

hayduke said...

Which is why I sent my dog across the bridge to test it for me. He said it was fine.

Actually, I only took a couple steps onto the bridge (close enough to solid ground to jump should it come to that) and held the camera out farther to get the shot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this can be dangerous. But it's also providing a bit of a chuckle, envisioning extra caution, sending in the food-taster first (dog).

I read this morning that a celebrity says jail time is the hardest thing she's ever done.

My life? I wish for jail time. It would be a vacation.

FreeMarket said...

Did your wife send you up on Cripple Creek? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The whiskey river has taken my mind.

Anonymous said...

If my husband used my favorite living thing to "test the waters," you can bet I'd send him to Cripple Creek.

Or just Cripple.

Anonymous said...

My God Hayduke! I am among those who consider you to be very intelligent, but that was a stupid thing to do! Avoid flash flood areas right after a storm please! Are you feeling properly admonished yet?
(Cool pix however....)