Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A commenter and Bill Santos have already mentioned it, but what's a little repetition among friends?

Columbia will be the topic of conversation tomorrow at noon on the Kojo Nnambdi Show on 88.5 FM WAMU. Here's the official billing:

A Planned Community Turns 40: Columbia, MD

It was a radical social experiment in the era of Jim Crow laws: to create a planned community in rural Maryland that would welcome people of any race, class or religion. Forty years later, the town of Columbia is now home to 100,000 people. We look at what's worked, what hasn't, and what's next for one of America's most idealistic suburbs.


Joe Mitchell, Co-author, "New City Upon a Hill: A History of Columbia, Maryland"

Ken Ulman, Howard County Executive

Bob Tennenbaum, Former chief architect of Columbia; Director, Real Estate Development, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Sounds interesting, no? I expect to hear at least a few familiar voices calling in.

If you can't listen live (or stream it on the internet), it looks like there will be an archive of the show available shortly after it airs. See the WAMU website for more.


wordbones said...


I ran into Creston Cathcart at the Momix show tonight at the Rouse Theatre. Creston worked for The Rouse Company back in the midsixties in the HRD design and planning department. He told me that they recently had their own 40 year reunion. One of their "activities" was to meet as a group with Marsha McLaughlin and Ken Ulman to discuss Town Center development.

There are lots of great conversations going on right now concerning Columbia's future. Hopefully Kojo's show will inspire even more.


Dave Wissing said...

Hayduke, you may want to put this on the front page for those who do not check comments and might be at work and not have access to a radio (like me). -

You can listen online at:

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

I heard the show. I half expected Ulman to take credit for everything good about Columbia.

Did you know he was apparently one of the first people born in Columbia? I don't think he's every mentioned that before.

I hope somebody holds Ulman to his platitudes. Like his pledge that the County is "absolutely" increasing the proportion of affordable housing. The details are seriously lacking.

Anonymous said...

How about holding the Council accountable too? When people like Courtney Watson are quashing the market for affordable housing (the Elkridge/Liparini fiasco), yet promising to propose a plan for affordable housing, no doubt at a cost to taxpayers, who are we supposed to believe?

Affordable housing is nothing more than a buzz word to these people, as they clearly have no knowledge of the concept.

Anonymous said...

What would you do to increase affordable housing in HC?

Anonymous said...

Good question. Most likely property tax credits and a focus on that, rather than a half-baked "green initiative" designed to get myself elected to higher office.

What I would NOT do is to repeatedly promise that I was "absolutely" doing something about it, while making zero progress.