Monday, June 11, 2007

There beneath the blue suburban skies...

A couple thoughts on the Planning Board’s recent votes against the height limits

Is it really a surprise that the board which approved the Tower in the first place voted against a piece of legislation meant to stop it?

Since the height limits will go before the council anyway (and council members, presumably, will do whatever they want, regardless of the Planning Board’s advice), the sole result of this whole process is that it generated more fodder for those who are already predisposed to distrusting the Planning Board.

Oh, well, at least FreeMarket isn't upset.


Dave Wissing said...

I'm no too upset either, but you are right, this entire exercise in front of the Planning Baord was utterly pointless since the only votes that will matter are the County Council, and whatever the Planning Board says has zero impact on their final vote.

I would be absolutely shocked if the County Council did not vote in favor of Sigaty's retroactive amendment, regardless how the Planning Board voted. The only two votes I see against Sigaty's amendments are Fox and possibly Watson. I just don't see Ball and Terasa bucking Ulman after he said he would do anything to stop the tower.

Anonymous said...

If the Council is dumb enough to pass Sigaty's legislation, I hope WCI pursues legal action, at Ms. Sigaty's expense. I know, not gonna happen, but I can dream.

Making a law retroactive just to block this one building is not the intent of zoning law. Where were these people 5 years ago?

Anonymous said...

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