Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And so it begins, Part II...

Now, I suppose, the real campaigning begins...

In case you had trouble making sense of the numerous results posts from last night, our trusty paid scribes detail the outcomes in various county races here, here and here. Also, the county Board of Elections has finally posted the results on its website.

Having stayed up way too late last night, I'm too tired to try and write anything coherent about the election now. But feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

I'll be back tomorrow with thoughts on all the other stuff that's going on in our county.

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mary smith said...

Since the election is about to get started for the 75% or so who did not vote, let's kick it off with a little analysis/opinion of the importance of campaign money.

a. Campaign money doesn't matter as much as in prior years. Look at district 5 Livesay and Fox campaign money, compared with votes. It really isn't even close to a coefficient of 1. Also look at Dunbar and Ulman, an astounding difference, dollars divided by votes.

b. Campaign money doesn't matter as much in local races. Locals want to know who they're voting for in a personal way. Many have met or already know Ulman, Merdon, Wallis, or their families or colleagues and so it's a much more personal choice.

c. The amount spent divided by primary votes (dollars per vote) would be a different measure for many candidates who are still in the race(still, the amount raised was once an indicator of support).

d. I'd argue that many have had a shift in thinking and behavior, post 9/11 and post Katrina. We've been humbled and there's a tiny stirring afoot that is grounded in ideals from days of old in which all citizens enjoy equal priviledges and power. Celebrity worship and emulation is waning, though has a long way to go, and money is not nearly as important once a level of security has been achieved - more would rather have the time off from work. Grounding, on solid footing, satisfaction in behaving according to spoken ideals will change elections away from activities in which we look for family ties to fame and cast a vote for the familiar. Some are looking for a bit more substance, unfortunately for those who'd benefit from the status quo, it's becoming available.