Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More returns...

I hastily wrote down some numbers from the races. I don't have the total number of precincts or votes for each (suffice to say, the numbers are small at this point). Here's what I got in terms of percentages...

County Executive:
Ulman: 79 percent
Dunbar: 21 percent

Delegate District 13:
(No percentages, sorry)

Council District 2:
Ball: 74 percent
Sachs: 26 percent

Council District 4:
Sigaty: 59 percent
Feldmark: 40 percent
UNcommon: 1 percent

In District 4, River Hill -- which gave Ulman a tremendous boost four years ago -- has yet to report, but neither has Swansfield, likely a Sigaty stronghold.

More soon...

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