Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And so it begins...

Polls just closed in most Maryland counties -- because of problems at polling stations, Montgomery and Baltimore City are staying open until 9 pm -- and results should start coming in over the next hour. Things won't really start picking up until after 9 pm here at Kahler Hall, the Democrats' election night headquarters. I'll probably fill time between now and then with random posts and pictures (as soon as Abbzug gets here with the camera cable that I left at home -- D'oh!).

I'll be mainly focused on the primaries for County Executive and the District 2 Council race, though I'm sure I'll comment on the other races, including statewide, and the atmosphere here in the room, as well.

Meanwhile, Evan, who's sitting next to me here at Bloggers' Row, is going to offer extensive, precinct-by-precinct coverage of the District 13 Delegate and District 4 Council races (he's got maps and tables and all kinds of good stuff that I'm too lazy and impatient to deal with).

As for the Republicans, the Davids -- Keelan and Wissing -- will be posting primarily at Keelan's site on county races, while Wissing promises coverage of races from around the state and country.

Since things might happen kind of fast around here, I'm not making any promises on the quality of writing. The quality of the grammar, I can assure you, will be horrible.

Also, the metal table we're working on is freezing. Oh well, it'll keep my Gatorade warm, I suppose.

Finally, I took the "How old are you" poll down; the pop-ups it creates are annoying.

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