Monday, September 11, 2006

Primary Eve...

Polls for tomorrow’s primary open in a little more than 12 hours from now. Do you know where your polling place is? If not, go here.

I take it by now most of you have already decided who you’re going to vote for (or if you’re going to vote at all). So, there’s no sense belaboring the races any longer. What’s done is done and we’ll find out tomorrow night (live on the Blogs!) whose campaigns will continue until November and who finally gets a decent night’s rest.

Since tomorrow’s going to be blog-crazy and I don’t want to run out of words half-way through the evening, I think it’s best that I leave you with just a few links to stories not-even-tangentially-related to the election.

Good to know the law of unintended consequences is still working.

If you don’t like it, bring your own lunch to school. I hate to sound like an a crotchety old fart, but I never bought lunch when I was in school. In fact, my mom stopped making them for me sometime in elementary school and ever since that time I’ve always managed to keep myself properly fed at school or (now) work. Granted, I subsist on a diet of nuts, berries and energy bars…

Finally, here's a story about the rise in popularity of age-restricted housing in Howard County, which I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on. This story was just sent to me by my father, who, according to the current poll results, is the oldest reader of this blog and someone who might be interested in such housing -- assuming, of course, that it's on a golf course.

See you tomorrow!


FreeMarket said...

When I graduated from High School in western Howard County 10 years ago, it seems to me that regular lunches were $1.50. So if they are $2.50 now, that is a 25% increase in real dollars assuming an inflation rate of about 3%. It is hard to believe the cost of the inputs have increased that much.
The changes made to the school lunches are an effort to make them healthier. If you want healthier school lunches, get rid of all the meat and dairy. We Americans have been so fully indoctrinated by the fast food propaganda machine that we think meat and dairy products are an essential part of the diet. Cookies and fries aren’t the only things that contain cholesterol and fat.

Greg Pultorak said...

So, I am filling out my ballot before I go to vote. Any insight on how to pick the members of the democratic central comittee? I can't find any information on these jokers.

mary smith said...

Can't anyone help Greg?

bluebird said...

Carol Fisher
Mark Hensman
Raj Kudchadkar
Buron Macfarlane
Erum Malik
Kristen Neville
Catherine Zomlefer

These people are commited to modernizing/fixing the party.

bluebird said...

I meant Byron, sorry.

Hayduke said...

Ah, I'm finally back at a working computer. In answer to your question, Greg, I'm not really sure what to say -- to be honest, I haven't followed the central committee races pretty much at all. So, I basically voted for people I knew and a couple people I'd heard about -- some of whom are on Bluebird's list. Remember, you don't have to vote for the full amount, nor do you even have to vote at all for this race.

Greg Pultorak said...

Thanks - I think. I found those same names on a website for "Democracy for Howard County" but with zero information about what they intend to do or what they think about anything.

FreeMarket said...

The Central Committee for each party has no public responsibility, correct? They are just party administrators of some kind. What is it that they do for their party, exactly?

Stoic said...

To toot my own horn, you might consider me, Jim Mellicant. You can see where I stand by going to...

Among some of my qualifications I was the former Howard Dean Meet-up Leader for Howard County, web admin for and have been endorsed by Democracy for Howard.

I am vigorously anti-DLC and have opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning (it's one of the reasons I admire Dean).

Please consider me when you go out to vote.

Jim Mellicant