Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More updates...

With almost a quarter of the precincts reporting, the District 13 Delegate race is shaping up (kinda). It's tough to say what's what without knowing which precincts have reported, but for now, here's what we got:

Pendergrass: 28 percent
Guzzone: 25 percent
Turner: 25 percent
Quinter: 15 percent
Basu: 6 percent

As for the county council races...

District 2, with 8 of 21 reporting:

Ball: 64 percent
Sachs: 36 percent

District 4, with 6 of 21 precincts in:

Sigaty: 55 percent
Feldmark: 44 percent
UNcommon: 1 percent

As for County Executive, we have 34 of 103 precincts in and the results are:

Ulman: 77 percent
Dunbar: 23 percent

We're hoping to get more detailed information soon...

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