Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Odss and ends...

Patapsco beckons. My bike yearns for action. And Little Duke needs a friend.

Although I briefly flirted with the idea of going to the BRAC committee meeting tonight, it was quickly overruled by the saner part of me. I’ve already gone to three after-work meetings this week, which is about as much as I can handle.

Speaking of meetings, I wanted to write up something about the Oakland Mills revitalization plan, as well as the Howard County Tomorrow discussion on youth engagement. But, since the OM plan won’t be posted on the web until next week, I’ll hold off on that for now. I will say, however, that there is a lot of positive energy in the community and I was actually surprised at how open people were to some of the plan's more dramatic, longer term “Big Ideas.”

As for the youth meeting, we still haven’t solved the problem of disengaged young people, but I did learn a few things – particularly about a Horizon Foundation youth leadership program that I’ll discuss sometime soon. Also discussed was the lack of activities for young people – coincidentally, the topic of a post at Columbia Compass.

Since I’ve never really done one before, consider this kind of an open thread. What are your thoughts on activities for teens (and people in their 20s, for that matter)? What about the revitalization Oakland Mills (and other older village centers, for that matter)?

Or, what about Columbia and its annoying covenants? (I actually think they're pretty good.)

Or, how about the fact that the ticket fairy came through with a seat for me at this week’s Ravens game?


(Sorry for gloating, but this is the best news I’ve gotten in a long time.)


FreeMarket said...

Occupying teens in an effort to keep them away from the tot lot is a separate problem, in my way of thinking, than getting teens involved in the community. I am not sure that the distinction between these two problems has been explicitly stated, but I think that it is an important distinction to make. A solution to one of these problems may have no impact on the other. A King’s Dominion could be put at Town Center, and there would still be teens that choose to drink beer and have sex at the tot lot or somewhere else, all the while disconnected from the community. While these might not be desirable or safe activities for youth to participate in, they are normal activities that are going to happen.

More efforts should be put into involving those residents between 25 and 35. I suppose these folks are spread between establishing a career and establishing a family, and as a result, are unavailable for community involvement. They are also unfamiliar with the process and players, speaking from my own current state of awareness. Perhaps efforts to clarify the political process and procedures would make this group more willing to participate.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if tot lots are being enjoyed at night, so long as its not in a way detrimental to the community? Put down the broad brushes and address the specific transgressors.

The community should provide recreational opportunities for teens, but people in their twenties don't need to be coddled - if they're old enough to vote/drink/fight wars/hold public office, they're old enough to figure out ways to recreate responsibly. And I'm sure the free market will be more than glad to accommodate their pursuits.