Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Round Up...

Wow, it feels like college again. Here it is, the month of October is about to begin, and I’m way behind on my work. I clicked through the papers this morning and found about 50 stories that needed at least some comment, which doesn’t count the longer posts currently brewing in my largely occupied brain.

And the forecast for next week is even worse than this past one. Early in the week I’m traveling to Boston for the culmination of a major project I’ve been working on, and almost as soon as I get back, it’s out to the mountains for an extended camping trip, which promises to take me far from the internet, emails and cell phone reception.

So, I’ll post when I can until Wednesday, which won’t be often, but after that you won’t hear from me until at least next Monday.

For now, here are a bunch of stories you probably already read…

Another article on the costs/revenue analysis of the new Town Center. It’s a bit clearer than the one I linked to yesterday, but emphasizes essentially the same points.

Although, really, all you needed was my instant coverage, here are two additional stories (Sun, Flier) on Monday’s Merriweather meeting. Meanwhile, the Flier’s editors make some good points – that I largely agree with -- here.

A couple stories on the Oakland Mills village center master plan. Though I will definitely write more about the actual plan, I wanted to say now how impressed I was with Town Hall meeting on Tuesday. There is a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm in Oakland Mills and I’m happy to be a part of it.

A discussion of the District 3 council race and, surprise, how zoning will play a role in its outcome.

Finally, because my friends are always razzing me about my "availabilty" members of the press, there are times when even I -- in all my vanity -- can’t find time to talk to a reporter.

Kennedy, a 29-year-old Democrat, writes a blog called HoCo Hayduke while Wissing, a 31-year-old Republican, authors the Hedgehog Report. Neither could be reached for comment.
To be honest, I just didn’t get the reporter's email soon enough -- I suppose I better start having the messages forwarded to my cell phone again.

David Wissing, who was MIA because of his job (come on, either commit to the blog or not, Dave), has more on the story.

That’s all till Monday!

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