Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some results final, others pending...

Well, Mary Kay Sigaty defeated Joshua Feldmark in the District 4 primary. I don't have the final percentages, but from what I hear it was pretty close, though not as close as the battle between her and Ulman in 2002. Although I was pulling for Feldmark in this race (Disclosure: He's a friend of mine and he likes The Wire), Sigaty is certainly dedicated to this community and is qualified to serve. Here's to hoping the rifts from this race can be mended for the good of the county.

As for County Executive, I think it's safe to say Ulman won with around 80 percent of the vote. I'm still not sure if this is good or bad, however.

In District 2, Calvin Ball looks like he'll win with about 65 percent of the vote. He should take the seat comfortably, and will be the only incumbent on the council.

Elijah Cummings just dropped in to say hello. As for me, I'm about to say goodnight. If I see something interesting when I get home, however, I'll probably post about it.

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Dave Wissing said...

FYI, Greg Fox has been declared the winner here in District 5.

Dave Wissing said...

Also, that 80% seems awfully low for Ulman. With the cash advantage he had, I would have expected a much better showing for Ulman.

Hayduke said...

Fox won by a pretty good margin, too.

As for Ulman, maybe I'm just a partisan hack, but I'm hesitant to draw any big conclusions about Dunbar's total, partially because I'm not really that impressed with turnout. Now, things may look different when I can look at actual precinct totals.

What I find more interesting, however, is what effect the outcome of the district 4 race has on the county executive race. Any thoughts?

mary smith said...

Hayduke, what's your theory on the effect of the Dist 4 race on county exec?

The Dunbar total was not a good sign for Ulman. 20-25% for a candidate who didn't have broad support, party support, or financial support is very telling.

The Fox item has much more to do with Livesay than Fox. The fact that Fox was not known to many voters at the beginning of the campaign was a clear advantage when compared with what is known with certainty about his opponent. Unfortunately for citizens, he's just another Robey in character, so District 5 lacks a Republican council candidate who would work for citizens. 'Disappointing' is an understatement.