Friday, September 08, 2006

HoCo Blog Round Up...

There isn't much news in the news today...

Oh, there is this: a story about the fact that CA (really, the Owen Brown Village Board) is now hiring a mediator to help decide whether or not a fence should be erected around the Lake Elkhorn tot lot. Really? I'm beginning to think this all a long, drawn-out piece of performance art, staged for the enjoyment of all lienpayers. Either that, or CA has become a parody of itself. I don't care how you feel about the fence, CA could have saved itself a lot of time, anguish, humiliation and money by just building the fence.

But that's about it for news. So, let's see what's happening on the other blogs...

Bill Santos has a great piece weighing the pros and cons of various solutions to the soon-to-be-vacant supermarket space in Wilde Lake.

David Keelan thumbed through the HoCo Times from front to back, detailing the various campaign adds he spotted along the way.

David Wissing, meanwhile, finds a disturbing number of errors in the sample ballot printed in Patuxent's papers yesterday (apparently, the gaffes are the fault of the Board of Elections, however).

Evan Coren likes some Board of Ed candidates and really doesn't like others.

As for me, well, there\'s clearly not much going on here. Did you see the new poll?

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