Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So, this whole Blogging 2.0 thing is turning out to be harder than I thought. Which means the promised green infrastructure post is probably not happening tonight.

Instead, here are a couple of stories you might have missed.

The continuing saga of the Harper's Farm Road Chestnut Tree. The story starts with this anecdote:

"As recently as a 100 years ago, it has been said, a squirrel could travel from Maine to Georgia without touching the ground, by hopping from one American chestnut tree to another."

Hmm. The way I've always heard the jumping squirrel story is that, prior to the arrival of European settlers, said furry-tailed rodent could go tree-to-tree from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. Could both be true? If so, what are the implications for American folklore?

Here's the previous post on my favorite, barely-surviving tree.

The continuing saga of height limits in downtown Columbia. For 3-D representations of the Town Center of tomorrow, look here.

Howard County kids getting involved in politics. Bring 'em on. For more on civic engagement among youth, try this, a University of Maryland research center staffed by one of my favorite professors -- the one who taught me the wonders of economics and statistics.

"Sports are good...[b]ut music is also very good for the heart." So says the owner of a couple music stores in Howard County. Perhaps I've finally found a new place to buy guitar strings.

And lastly, just because, here's a link to a video of the first segment of The Daily Show from Monday night. Yes, Jon Stewart mentions Merriweather but fails to comment specifically on the, in his words from Saturday, "indiscriminate location between Washington and Baltimore."

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