Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm going to be completely honest...

I have from now (10:48 am) until 1 pm to fix my lawn mower and then use it to cut the grass that has finally started growing again. This process will surely involve a trip to Home Depot, lots of swearing, and possibly a bloody knuckle or two, as I focus more on getting it done quickly than getting it done right. But it will all be worth it at 1 pm, when I will drop whatever it is I'm doing and spend the next seven hours parked in front the glowing box of happiness watching football. After that, I'll be at the Ben Harper concert at Merriweather. So, blogging's taking a back seat today.

There are a couple things worth pointing out. The first is that the mystery of who's responsible for the horribly innaccurate sample ballots printed in the Flier/Times has been solved. Hint: it's not who we thought it was.

The second is a page of letters on building heights in Columbia. Though I'm partial to the first, almost all are well-written and full of reasonable, rational arguements.

Go Ravens!

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mary smith said...

I've had excellent luck with lawnmowers. Up until the diesel Kubota, that is.

I had a MTD with a tecumsuh engine that worked for two additional years after seizing up the engine due to lack of oil (it had no gauge and the level was not discernable). Loved that tecumsuh engine, lasted >10 years and I mowed fields that had 'grass' higher than the tractor.

Then I got a toro push mower because the diesel kubota is woefully inadequate for mowing anything higher than an inch (without a bush hog), and something was needed to mow grass around the house. On the first pull of the Toro starter cord, the push lawn mower started. It never fails. It's great.

The problem is that I need to bag a field worth of weed seeds while mowing, and will probably have to get a lawn tractor in addition to everything else. Can't push a lawn mower through weeds that are > a foot high.

I'm still posting because as soon as I'm finished, I have no excuse not to go out to the field and mow.

I'll have to mow twice, once with the bush hog and once with the push mower to bag the weed seeds. Not pleasant.

Maybe more tea first...